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I heart Kate and her heart for paying it forward*

#paws4people @ Empie Park today for Kate Mejaski and her son, Mack.  all proceeds go toward the next veteran’s service dog!



little bird. love. her art.  love the little bird!


Kim Continues…

Kim created this “book” when she was younger, she said.  At first I wondered..where would this fit in?  Then I thought of Sister Isaac at Saint Mary in Wilmington (where we went as a Girl Scout Troop last week)..Mother Teresa would fit beautifully there, wouldn’t she?  And JFK…how cool would he be in a History room in a school?  Or, as Kim said, in a law firm?  Ann Frank…again, in a schoolroom!  MLK too.  So, Kim, hats off to you.  As a book – it is incredible too.  We’ll see if we can find a way to put each piece into its own sweet part of the puzzle out there 🙂

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Talk about talent…*

Introducing Kim Bardill.  Our next door neighbor and friend.  She is a painter.  Please enjoy her work. You may be seeing more of it around this world!  I was lucky enough to be able to shoot her work so that the rest of the world (*outside of Whisper Park) could see it too!

_DSC5331 _DSC5328 _DSC5323 _DSC5321 _DSC5317 _DSC5315 _DSC5311 _DSC5308 _DSC5306 _DSC5302 _DSC5299 _DSC5295 _DSC5290 _DSC5287 _DSC5285 _DSC5283 _DSC5281 _DSC5280 _DSC5274 _DSC5272 _DSC5271 _DSC5268 _DSC5265 _DSC5261 _DSC5258 _DSC5256 _DSC5254 _DSC5252 _DSC5250 _DSC5249 _DSC5248 _DSC5243 _DSC5241 _DSC5238 _DSC5234 _DSC5231 _DSC5230 _DSC5227 _DSC5225 _DSC5222 _DSC5220 _DSC5214 _DSC5205 _DSC5208 _DSC5204 _DSC5198 _DSC5196 _DSC5195 _DSC5193 _DSC5188 _DSC5187 _DSC5179 _DSC5172 _DSC5170 _DSC5169 _DSC5165 _DSC5162 _DSC5158 _DSC5155 _DSC5153