When it takes time to get there…

So my BF from Junior High\High School came into Wilmington for a stay before heading to their final destination in NC. ¬†I wasn’t able to spend any time with them ( ūüė¶ ), as we were packing\moving during their time here. ¬†I was able to come to the beach with them for a bit & take some of their family pictures. ¬†I love the blue sky and the beach with kids; it just doesn’t get old… ¬†I am glad that I didn’t wait until our house was unpacked to finally look at these yummy images…I needed this today! ¬†Love you, Andrea.

DSC_9768 DSC_9822 DSC_9884 DSC_9773 DSC_9777 DSC_9753 DSC_9810


Wonderful Tonight*


IS there anything sweeter than newborn babies and puppies?  This is one blessed household!

_DSC5464 _DSC5403

Kim Continues…

Kim created this “book” when she was younger, she said. ¬†At first I wondered..where would this fit in? ¬†Then I thought of Sister Isaac at Saint Mary in Wilmington (where we went as a Girl Scout Troop last week)..Mother Teresa would fit beautifully there, wouldn’t she? ¬†And JFK…how cool would he be in a History room in a school? ¬†Or, as Kim said, in a law firm? ¬†Ann Frank…again, in a schoolroom! ¬†MLK too. ¬†So, Kim, hats off to you. ¬†As a book – it is incredible too. ¬†We’ll see if we can find a way to put each piece into its own sweet part of the puzzle out there ūüôā

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Sweet Katherine’s Baby Boy*

So this puppy can change lives.  That is all that I have to say.  Love his beginning of being found while Kat was working on a Habitat for Humanity Home.  And love that his mommy will do anything for him.  Even allow her life to change direction.  God Bless Camden (and Katherine)!

_DSC5211 _DSC5240 _DSC5210 _DSC5209

Talk about talent…*

Introducing Kim Bardill.  Our next door neighbor and friend.  She is a painter.  Please enjoy her work. You may be seeing more of it around this world!  I was lucky enough to be able to shoot her work so that the rest of the world (*outside of Whisper Park) could see it too!

_DSC5331 _DSC5328 _DSC5323 _DSC5321 _DSC5317 _DSC5315 _DSC5311 _DSC5308 _DSC5306 _DSC5302 _DSC5299 _DSC5295 _DSC5290 _DSC5287 _DSC5285 _DSC5283 _DSC5281 _DSC5280 _DSC5274 _DSC5272 _DSC5271 _DSC5268 _DSC5265 _DSC5261 _DSC5258 _DSC5256 _DSC5254 _DSC5252 _DSC5250 _DSC5249 _DSC5248 _DSC5243 _DSC5241 _DSC5238 _DSC5234 _DSC5231 _DSC5230 _DSC5227 _DSC5225 _DSC5222 _DSC5220 _DSC5214 _DSC5205 _DSC5208 _DSC5204 _DSC5198 _DSC5196 _DSC5195 _DSC5193 _DSC5188 _DSC5187 _DSC5179 _DSC5172 _DSC5170 _DSC5169 _DSC5165 _DSC5162 _DSC5158 _DSC5155 _DSC5153

Observing Erin’s Style…

Excited about Erin & Doog's wedding in September 2013!

Excited about Erin & Doog’s wedding in September 2013!

partying bmaids hiding flower girls eyes

pic with and sign btwn them