Hello!  My name is Mia D.  I have a love for the camera and how amazing it feels to capture moments.  I had a website {www.miaddesigns.com} for years, and I decided to let it go, as I felt more obligated to keep it up-to-date versus just loving on the images that I had.  I felt like photographs were sometimes left un~published, per se…

I decided that the focus should be on God’s gifts, not mine, not others.  I think if it is about HIS Gifts that he has Gifted us with, then it will be something that flows, not something that is forced!

I spent several years photographing weddings with forever friend, Chrissy.  {She and I developed Mia Grace Weddings}.  I would cry behind the lens, and, to me, that is God at work.  We did this as long as we could being states apart.

I spent the last few years photographing babies at the beautiful hospital here in Wilmington.  What an incredible time meeting those who I worked with and those whose doors I knocked on.  I continue to work with this group helping with behind the scenes items, but I decided to keep my photography going outside of just the hospital.  Being with those babies and meeting those families was worth every second though.

I do hope you enjoy viewing the GIFTS we have all around us!


all images copyright © 2017 mia datena


One thought on “about*

  1. Amanda Wiseman says:

    Good morning! I bid on your silent auction gift certificate and WON!! So excited to view your site and have some family portraits made. Can you please provide your telephone number and I’ll reach out to make a plan!

    Amanda Wiseman

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