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Murphy’s Baptism*

Sweet Murphy from Raleigh was baptized at the Painter’s residence on Figure 8.  An amazing and beautiful experience!  Murphy is blessed beyond all measure!  I am so grateful to have been there to capture this…


I heart Kate and her heart for paying it forward*

#paws4people @ Empie Park today for Kate Mejaski and her son, Mack.  all proceeds go toward the next veteran’s service dog!



When it takes time to get there…

So my BF from Junior High\High School came into Wilmington for a stay before heading to their final destination in NC.  I wasn’t able to spend any time with them ( 😦 ), as we were packing\moving during their time here.  I was able to come to the beach with them for a bit & take some of their family pictures.  I love the blue sky and the beach with kids; it just doesn’t get old…  I am glad that I didn’t wait until our house was unpacked to finally look at these yummy images…I needed this today!  Love you, Andrea.

DSC_9768 DSC_9822 DSC_9884 DSC_9773 DSC_9777 DSC_9753 DSC_9810

Wonderful Tonight*


IS there anything sweeter than newborn babies and puppies?  This is one blessed household!

_DSC5464 _DSC5403